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Cover Reveal… The Council of Wise Women!

Cover Reveal… Coming This Fall 

A secret society, magical chicken soup, and a young girl who is wise beyond her years

The latest stand-alone novel in the Izzy Abrahmson Village Life series - THE COUNCIL OF WISE WOMEN

You don't…

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Founding StoryNest Storyteller

I was just selected as a Founding Storyteller for an audio stories app for children aged 3-9, called StoryNest.

It's a curated collection of awesome stories, which means young people can explore and listen, without parents worrying about sudden random…

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Coming on March 16… The latest book in my Izzy Abrahmson's Village Life Series…

“…a lovely and warm story inspired by the author's experience as a pottery widower.” – Ceramics Now

THE CRACKED POTTER is a humorous and heartwarming story…

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Audiobook Release: The Bed Time Story Book

25 years in the making… 36 of fun, funny and silly bed time stories for families and young children.

Mark Binder's Bed Time Story Book is a best seller, and now you can hear the stories read by the author…

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The Zombie Cat is here!

Spooky Fun Misadventures

Ever been to the beach? Gone trick or treating? Heard ghost stories at summer camp? 

Conducted scientific reanimation experiments in the basement? 

"My friends and I just wanted to relax and have fun. We didn’t mean to…

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Two Guys Project - Feb 2 at the Bodega

A truth-telling poet and a storytelling liar walk into a bar… Words will fly. 

Starring Christopher Johnson and Mark Binder 

A chance encounter during dance rehearsals for Bill T Jones' "What Problem" brought two of Rhode Island's best-known wordsmiths together.  

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A Village Romance - now available

We've rebooted, "The Misadventures of Rabbi Kibbitz and Mrs. Chaipul" as A Village Romance. 

She owns the only restaurant.  He’s the wisest man in the village.  Together, they make an unlikely and lovable pair. From the Audie Award nominated author…

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Meet Izzy


I'm Izzy Abrahmson, Mark Binder's alter ego. As you may know, Mark's written books and stories about a small village for many years. We recently realized that the computers hated this fact. Yes, it's true. Computers don't like things…

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Rebooting my newsletter…

Changing the way I communicate…

Over the years I've experimented with many newsletters. I began with Grinning Into The Millennium, which ran from 1998 to 2001. The past few years I've been doing mostly "fan/customer" emails. Now it's time…

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Trick or Treat Alternatives

I'm as disappointed as you that Halloween is cancelled. Yes, parents of some children will arrange for limited contact trick-or-treating, but we're not, as some people suggest, going to be putting out a bowl full of candy! 

That reminds me…

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Coming November 8… THE GROSTON RULES

What happens when they shut down your school?

Isaac, Adam, Helen, Charlie, Sean, Jésus and Rover had planned on coasting through their final semester at Ashby Bryson High. They called themselves Team Bomb Shelter, and their plan was simple, get…

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Chelm2020 World Tour starts Monday!

Now that the White House's Pet Mime is in charge of the Coronavirus, I'm not worried at all about travel…

On Monday, I jet off to Vienna for the First stop of my #Chelm2020 world tour.

If you…

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Life in Chelm World Tour 2020

I'm pleased to announce that I'm going on my Life in Chelm 2020 World Tour!

EUROPE (and UK)  

  • Vienna: March 4, 7:30 PM: The Misadventures in of Rabbi Kibbitz and Mrs. Chaipul - Story Talk and Book…
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Spoken Stories Saturdays - Spring Season

A new season of Spoken Story Saturdays at the Parlour Pub!

  • January 18 - Beginnings 
  • February 15 - Sweet…
  • March 21 - Springtime!

Two sets: Family fare at 2pm, 14 and up at 3pm

Admission: $10, $5 for students, seniors…

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