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Transmitting Joy, inspiring creativity

Mark Binder promotes reading, listening and writing. 
Any grade (pk-12) • Any size group,

Engaging, Inspirational, Humorous. The students were actively engaged, participatory and smiling! At our faculty meeting after school, ALL teachers, when asked, gave the program a 'THUMBS UP'.”

— North Scituate Elementary

In the classroom at the National Storytelling Festival

Stories for Every Grade Level

"Starting the day out as a storyteller Mark had the students rolling in the aisles laughing and wholeheartedly enjoying the presentation. Mark then presided over a writing session with students from grades four and five where they worked on the writing process. We were also fortunate enough that each of our students left with one of Mark’s books, tying in with our literacy initiative. I cannot speak enough about the positive experience had by all involved in this day and would highly recommend a visit from Mr. Binder." – Afton Elementary, NY

Students lean in, listen, laugh and learn… 

Mark mixes readings, storytelling, question and answer with how-to mini lessons.
Compelling, fun, and grade-appropriate.

"Write it then Right it" teaches creativity, story structure, revision and completion

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