“Audience feedback has been absolutely lovely” 
– London Jewish Book Week

Mark Binder is Izzy Abrahmson - Tales from the Village Life
Izzy Abrahmson
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When Mark Binder tells stories from Izzy Abrahmson's Village Life, listeners smile. They laugh and feel a joyful sense of happiness! 

These stories delight, amuse, and create that warm feeling that you get when you’re sitting down to a bowl of chicken soup. From time to time, they also inspire conversations and ideas with more depth.

“In the spirit of Sholem Aleichem… Wisdom is foolish, innocence is poignant, and the complex is simple.” – AudioFile Magazine  

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"The village life is like rye bread. You don't need to be Jewish to enjoy it."

"a lively evening of fun, laughter, passion, wit, introspection, and tales to remember!"  
– Congregation Etz Chaim

“Mark had the audience in stitches!  He is a consummate professional, who entertains with ease and joy. Every time he has performed here, he has surprised and delighted.”   – National Yiddish Book Center

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Abrahmson’s prose savvily mixes the homey and the surreal… he’s a master…” 
— Publishers Weekly

The Village Twins: a novel
Abrahmson, Izzy
The Village Feasts - Passover stories of food and laughter
  • The Village Feasts - Passover stories of food and laughter
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"…charming…Readers young and old will be delighted…" – Publishers Weekly
" wryly funny with dollops of heartwarming schmaltz." – Kirkus Reviews
Return to The Village with these 10 delightful Passover Tales.
Written under a pen name, Izzy Abrahmson’s THE VILLAGE FEASTS warms the heart
Ten tasty tales adults and children of all ages will enjoy again and again. Delightful and amusing.
THE VILLAGE FEASTS is the follow-up collection to WINTER BLESSINGS by National Jewish Book Award For Family Literature nominee Izzy Abrahmson.
• Mrs. Chaipul refuses to cook.
• The Gold family can’t afford matzah (unleavened bread).
• Reb Stein, the baker wants to set a world record.
• But why would anyone eat matzah made from cabbage?
Izzy Abrahmson’s THE VILLAGE FEASTS is rich with the kind of misadventures and ingenious solutions to problems that can only come from residents of The Village. The stories dance with a traditional feel around contemporary issues. (You can also order it on Amazon and many other platforms at https://books2read.com/village-feasts)

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The Village Twins - email serialization
  • The Village Twins - email serialization
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The Village Life is rarely uneventful, but with Abraham and Adam Schlemiel, everything gets crazier. A delicious page-turning epic comic novel you won’t want to end. The first book serialized both in print and via email, THE VILLAGE TWINS serial edition is a wonderful thing to receive every week in your in box. Over the years, readers have reported that they look forward to their weekly installment.
How many installments are there? 101!
(At $9.99, you'll enjoy this for less than10 cents a week!)
Buy it now, or click here for a free trial: https://markbinderbooks.com/twins-trial

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A World of Laughter and Love

Finalist for National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature

narrated by an Audie Award Nominee

For more than 30 years, Mark Binder and Izzy Abrahmson have been connecting readers and listeners around the world with the stories (and misadventures) of Rabbi Kibbitz, Mrs. Chaipul, Muddle the apprentice, and of course Abraham and Adam Schlemiel.

“The Village is snuggled in an indeterminate past that never was but certainly should have been, a past filled with love, humor, adventures and more than occasional misadventures. And when you go, be sure to bring the kids.” –Times of Israel

The four books in Izzy Abrahmson's Village Life Series are A Village Romance, The Village Twins, Winter Blessings, and The Village Feasts. These books can be read in any order. 

"Laughing out loud humor… very poignant and sweet" 
—Jewish Herald Voice, Houston

"a good story very well told"
Jewish Independent, Canada 


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