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“Everyone young and old were knocked out by his performance and we have already booked him on his return to our shores.””

— Bexley Bards, London

Transmitting joy to bridge the world with stories

Audie Award Nominated Storytelling Author

Mark Binder is an enthralling performer with a huge range of tales. He composes sets for adults or families or children's audiences. He tells several kinds of stories - original and traditional folk tales, huge autobiographical lies, and tales from Izzy Abrahmson's village life. He also offers "Rhode Island Legends and Horrors".

He is the founder of The American Story Theater.

About Mark Binder 

Mark is the author of more than two-dozen books and audiobook, including "The Bed Time Story Book," "Cinderella Spinderella," "It Ate My Sister" and many more, including The Village Life series under the pen name of Izzy Abrahmson. He is an Audie Audiobook Award Nominee, and a Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner. A graduate of Columbia University, he holds an MA in Theater and English. As a storyteller, he has more than 25 years experience performing in theaters and festivals around the world.

Featured appearances include: Sharing the Fire, The Sneem Storytelling Festival, London Jewish Book Week, Mezrab Amsterdam, New England Folk Festival, Life Is Good® Watermelon Festival, RI Black Storytelling Festival, Connecticut Jewish Festival, Kansas City Storytelling Festival, L.A.U.G.H.S.,New Mexico Jewish Storytelling Festival, Waterfire Providence, and more.

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Please call +1.401.272.8707 
email mark@markbinderbooks.com 
or  Beth Hellman 

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A gift for humor–both broad and subtle–Binder captivates.”

— Publishers Weekly

Mark Binder is a master at spinning old tales and everyday events into storytelling gold.”

— Parents’ Choice Gold Medal for Audio Storytelling

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