The stories of Izzy Abrahmson’s Village Life have the remarkable ability to bridge not only our diverse communities but draw in and captivate those who follow a different path or are from a different culture.”

— The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

On the edge of the Black Forest is a world of laughter and love…

Welcome to Izzy Abrahmson's Village Life

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"engaging tales… 
a world of friendly humor."
– Kirkus Reviews

“Abrahmson's prose savvily mixes the homey and the surreal… he's a master”
– Publishers Weekly

“In the spirit of Sholem Aleichem… Wisdom is foolish, innocence is poignant, and the complex is simple.” 
– AudioFile Magazine  

Izzy and Mark We Need Good Stories

For more than 30 years, Izzy Abrahmson's stories of The Village Life have delighted readers and listeners around the world

Live Storytelling Concerts, plus…
The Village Twins • The Cracked Potter
A Village Romance • The Village Feasts • Winter Blessings

And coming this fall
The Council of Wise Women

Read them in any order

“…zany and warm-hearted… 
downright laugh out loud.”
– AJL News

“The Village is snuggled in an indeterminate past that never was but certainly should have been, a past filled with love, humor, adventures and more than occasional misadventures.” 
–Mark Levenson, Author of “The Hidden Saint”

wryly funny with dollops of heartwarming schmaltz.”
– Kirkus Reviews

Village Life Novels

Magical soup, a secret society, and a young girl, wise beyond her years…

When Rachel Cohen is born, her parents’ marriage begins to crack. As she grows, and her village teeters on the brink, it is up to her and The Council of Wise Women to cook up a plan and step in.

Family breakdowns, a village on the edge of famine, and the challenges of a beloved community…
How much meddling is too much? 

With a warm sense of humor, Izzy Abrahmson spins a delightful novel of The Village Life that will make you smile, and maybe shed a tear. 

A spellbinding story of love, loss, independence, reconciliation, and the power of women.

You won’t want this book to end.

Preorder a signed copy of THE COUNCIL OF WISE WOMEN today

If you would like it personalized, to whom?
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The Village Twins Book Cover
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Abraham and Adam are identical twins, confused from birth.  Every chapter will take you deeper into the Black Forest. You’ll laugh and smile, and perhaps shed a tear.

"wisdom in the guise of absurdity… Anyone who likes a good folk tale will delight in The Village Twins.
– The Jewish Independent, Canada

Adam is the troublemaker who loves to create elaborate pranks. Abraham is quieter and usually takes the blame for his brother’s misadventures. As teens, they both fall in love with Rosa Kalderash, a wandering princess. This might have worked out, but the Russian army is looking for Adam, who falls in love with Rivka Cantor, the merchant’s daughter, who thinks he’s Abraham.… Confused? Imagine how they felt.


"Witty, whimsical… Do you need to be Jewish to love these stories? No, you don't.”
 – Abe C., NetGalley

“Audience feedback has been absolutely lovely” 
– London Jewish Book Week

"Laughing out loud humor… 
very poignant and sweet" 
—Jewish Herald Voice, Houston

Village life Shorts and Seasonals

The Cracked Potter

One day, a visitor arrives, covered with mud. Nava Ortlieb says she’s a potter and an artist. Shoshana Cantor isn’t so sure. 

A humorous and heartwarming story about the struggle of art versus craft, and two women with different expectations, who find common ground, and seize an opportunity.

“…a lovely and warm story inspired by the author’s experience as a pottery widower.” – Ceramics Now

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A Village Romance

Mrs. Chaipul owns the only restaurant.  Rabbi Kibbitz is the wisest man in The Village. Finally, they're getting together? Which is when the problems start.

“the jokes and human pathos are expertly balanced.… friendly humor and touching details of Jewish life.”
Kirkus Reviews

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Winter Blessings

Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature

Winters are crazy in The Village. Winds blow icy, food gets scarce, and darkness comes too soon. But lights from Hanukkah candles always lift the heart. 

“The Lethal Latkes… concerns some awful-tasting potato pancakes and what you might call another Hanukkah miracle: love” 
– The New York Times

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The Village Feasts

Delicious Passovers in The Village
Ten tasty tales adults and children of all ages will enjoy again and again. Delightful and amusing. This is a book that you and your family will read and listen to again and again.

"…charming…Readers young and old will be delighted…" 
– Publishers Weekly

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Village Life Storytelling in Concert

Laughter, foolishness and warm stories from a fictional Jewish village, with a bit of joyful klezmer harmonica.

Imagine a variety-show blend of comedy, audiobook and theater, Izzy Abrahmson's Storytelling “Concerts” include reading, spoken-word storytelling and music.
The sets change based on the season, the age group, and the organization's goals.
For… adults and families, young people and seniors, people of all ages from all cultures and backgrounds
In… schools, synagogues, churches, libraries, mosques, community centers, book groups, house concerts, festivals and theaters

[Izzy] has shared his stories with young and old, Orthodox and Reformed, Jewish and non-Jewish listeners. He brings smiles to their faces, laughter to their lips, and leaves a warm glow in their hearts. And his descriptions of food are both mouthwatering and hilarious.”

— The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

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Who's Izzy?

Izzy Abrahmson (Mark Binder) Photo by Berge Ara Zobian

Izzy Abrahmson (Mark Binder) photo by Berge Ara Zobian. (click for hi res image)

Izzy Abrahmson is a pen name for Mark Binder, an Audie Award nominated storyteller. 

He is the author of more than two dozen books and audiobooks, including The Bed Time Story Book and the Groston Middle series.

The Village Life stories began when Mark was working as the editor of a regional Jewish Newspaper. They've been published and performed around the world.

A graduate of Columbia University, Mark studied storytelling with Spalding Gray, mythology with T.E. Gaster, and playwrighting at the Hammerstein Center. He holds an MA in acting, writing and directing from  the Trinity Rep Conservatory. 

As a performing storyteller, Mark Binder (with Izzy Abrahmson) tours the world transmitting joy through story to diverse audiences of all ages. 

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Village Life Media Kit and Booking Info

Lou Pop, 

Beth Hellman,





Event Booking

We Need Good Stories Tour
Author visits • Book Talks • Storytelling Concerts • Book Clubs

We are now booking community celebrations & programs 
for adults, families, seniors and young people. 

The story content adjusts by age, and often the season.

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