Lo Mein and an Egg Roll - What's it like to be blind?

Lo Mein and an Egg Roll

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More than a decade a go, I almost went blind. I was wearing contact lenses at the beach and either grit from the sand or a batch of bad lenses abraded my eyes. 

The doctor freaked out, and my brand new girlfriend, Heather, was forced  to put goopy antibiotic into my eyes twice a day. I had to keep my eyes bandaged for several days. 

I didn't tell anyone, because it was hard enough being terrified of going blind without having to manage the worry of my parents or kids. 

Fortunately, within a few days the doctor gave me the ok, and I was able to squint in darkened rooms. I remember thinking how much of a difference just a little bit of vision made in navigating the world. And fortunately, my sight was completely restored. (Though I'm still not wearing contacts.) 

Recently I was invited to tell stories for a White Cane Awareness  Day event in the Garden City Plaza. 

Organized by a number of government and non-profits that support the visually impaired and blind, it was an inspiring event. 

I took on the challenge of creating a story for them that would work for both blind and seeing people. 

This story is the result. I didn't end up performing the whole piece - it's just too long for a crowd on folding chairs in the middle of an outdoor shopping mall. 

But I hope you'll enjoy it. 

- Mark