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Opening Night Jitters (THE RACE tour diary)

As my first produced play in 3 decades (yowza) this isn't exactly the way I pictured it. No backstage jitters and nervous laughter with the cast. No peeking in at the audience in their seats. No celebratory drinks after the…

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Storytelling and the Pause

As you know, professional live face to face storytelling has stopped. 

I was fortunate enough to get through 2/3 of a world tour before the shutdown.

This is an article was just published in the UK storytelling Magazine Facts and…

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#Chelm2020 Tour begins!

If the stories we tell create our future, why are we choosing to tell these? 

Ever beat yourself up? For years I've been my own worst enemy/best critic. I rip everything I do to shreds. No sooner am I done…

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