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Founding StoryNest Storyteller

I was just selected as a Founding Storyteller for an audio stories app for children aged 3-9, called StoryNest.

It's a curated collection of awesome stories, which means young people can explore and listen, without parents worrying about sudden random…

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Live Halloween on Spotify and others

Whenever I prep for a Halloween gig, I go back and listen to my first live concert “album”. It Was a Dark and Stormy Night was recorded on Halloween years ago at the Knotty Oak Middle School. I had the…

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Audiobook Release: The Bed Time Story Book

25 years in the making… 36 of fun, funny and silly bed time stories for families and young children.

Mark Binder's Bed Time Story Book is a best seller, and now you can hear the stories read by the author…

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The Zombie Cat is here!

Spooky Fun Misadventures

Ever been to the beach? Gone trick or treating? Heard ghost stories at summer camp? 

Conducted scientific reanimation experiments in the basement? 

"My friends and I just wanted to relax and have fun. We didn’t mean to…

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Bats Attack… Gulls Defend! 

April 1, Providence, RI

The afternoon skies went dark as an estimated 14,653 bats swarmed above the State Capital building in Providence, RI.

“At first it looked cool,” said Melford Glum, a tourist visiting the Ocean State from Shrieve,…

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Are We There Yet? (Part One) a serialized audiobook short 

A multi-part serialization (in progress)

This is the first installment of a serial.



#audiobook #audiobookshort #serial #serialization #LifeDuringCovid #fatherandson #family #yoga #parenting #onlineschool #virtualschool 

How the Bagel Got Its Name - an audiobook short 

I had a dream that Julie Andrews was making a television show about my bagel story…
But I hadn't written one yet. So when I woke up…


#audiobook #audibookshort #roshhashanah #yomkippur #jewishholidays #bagel #bread #chelm


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