What Cheer? The Seagull?

In January, when I contracted COVID, I went crazy. Every time I started to feel better, I ran to the computer and worked on a new book: The Seagull, The New York System, A Winnebago, and the Big Blue Bugs  

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Back on tour: live and in person!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to stand in front of a library full of students and share my work in person. And then I got to do it again. And again!

Grades? Sessions for 6-8, 3-5, K-2, and the splendid…

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Spotify and Misinformation

First off, I completely agree with Neal and Joni that Spotify should pull Joe Rogan's misinformed podcasts.

But I'm not going to pull my work from their platform, because I can't afford to. 

Currently, Spotify is one of the only…

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Why NOT on Amazon?

Back in the age of paper, when I was a kid, I used to love going into the bookstore and browsing. Shelf after shelf of possibilities. In those days there weren't so many different sections. There was nonfiction, fiction, mystery…

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Transmit Joy 2022 Tour (live and virtual)

Tired of sheltering in place? Bored with video, corporate culture, and isolation?

When people come together in a room (both in person and "virtually") they create a unique experience that is vivid and joyful.

Lately I've been grateful for opportunities…

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A Village Romance - now available

We've rebooted, "The Misadventures of Rabbi Kibbitz and Mrs. Chaipul" as A Village Romance. 

She owns the only restaurant.  He’s the wisest man in the village.  Together, they make an unlikely and lovable pair. From the Audie Award nominated author…

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Meet Izzy


I'm Izzy Abrahmson, Mark Binder's alter ego. As you may know, Mark's written books and stories about a small village for many years. We recently realized that the computers hated this fact. Yes, it's true. Computers don't like things…

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Rebooting my newsletter…

Changing the way I communicate…

Over the years I've experimented with many newsletters. I began with Grinning Into The Millennium, which ran from 1998 to 2001. The past few years I've been doing mostly "fan/customer" emails. Now it's time…

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