Audio Story - Spring Breaks Up - Story A Week / Story Thursday Kickoff -

Hello from Cincinnati!
Welcome to my new project Story A Week / Story Thursdays / S-A-W
I’m out on tour, but thats not going to stop me… (fingers crossed)
Every Thursday, I’m going to “drop” a story of some kind.
Spring Breaks Up - Audiostory coverOften, it will be on Spotify. Sometimes it’ll be text in the email.
Sometimes it’ll be a link to a story that I wrote or recorded a while ago.
Maybe video? Who knows? It’s a new take on what I used to do years and years ago.
Will there be variety?
Oh yeah. If you know me, you know that I “specialize in diversity.”
Can I share these?
Oh, yes, please do. Share and tag me @markbinderbooks #storythursdays #storyaweek
Invite friends, neighbors, family and enemies to sign up at htps://
So, what’s this week’s story?
It’s from my alter-ego, Izzy Abrahmson. 
This story catches everything in the middle. In a few weeks, I’ll back up and explain more. 
But, if you’ve never experienced the Village Life books or audio, I recommend starting with A Village Romance - [LINK HERE] 
This Week’s Story - Spring Breaks Up
- an audio story from Izzy Abrahmson Village Life Story
That moment when winter warms with laughter…
Signing off…
Let me know what you think, and have an excellent week
– Mark Binder