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Live Halloween on Spotify and others

Whenever I prep for a Halloween gig, I go back and listen to my first live concert “album”. It Was a Dark and Stormy Night was recorded on Halloween years ago at the Knotty Oak Middle School. I had the…

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The Succah Contest - a fun story for the fall

There's a Succah Contest every year in the village of Chelm, and every year Reb Cantor the Merchant wins. Until…


While January 1is the official calendar start, school starts in September, so I hope you've had a wonderful beginning…

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Bats Attack… Gulls Defend! 

April 1, Providence, RI

The afternoon skies went dark as an estimated 14,653 bats swarmed above the State Capital building in Providence, RI.

“At first it looked cool,” said Melford Glum, a tourist visiting the Ocean State from Shrieve,…

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