It Ate My Sister - reviewed in AudioFile!

It Ate My Sister Audiobook CoverHello from Vestal, NY!
I’m totally thrilled that AudioFile gave my latest release - the long overdue audiobook for IT ATE MY SISTER such a great review. 
"Author/narrator Mark Binder is a dream… Binder's own vocal sound effects, appropriate music, humor, and humanity make these stories a pleasure for all ages." 
– AudioFile Magazine - read the whole review here
What's the story? 
Basically, my sister Ellen and I were feuding, and as a result of a scientific experiment gone made she got eaten by a… well, read or listen to the story!
The story behind the story
IT ATE MY SISTER was actually developed with funding from the US Department of Education. I was hired to tell stories that involved science to every elementary student in Providence. While there is some science in the story – specifically the description of the experimentation process and details about the terrestrial gastropod mollusc – it does ultimately go over the top into science fiction.
There are several live versions available all over the place on the web, and a new live version on the audiobook – as well as the complete audiobook version, which is quite different from the live performance. 
IT ATE MY SISTER can be found in a bunch of places… AmazonAudibleGoogleChirpbooks and of course Spotify.
And you can watch a live performance on YouTube
Can I share this?
Oh, yes, please do. Share and tag me @markbinderbooks  #storythursdays #storyaweek
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Signing off…
Let me know what you think, and have an excellent week
– Mark Binder

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