Opening Night Jitters (THE RACE tour diary)

As my first produced play in 3 decades (yowza) this isn't exactly the way I pictured it. No backstage jitters and nervous laughter with the cast. No peeking in at the audience in their seats. No celebratory drinks after the show at the theater's bar. 

And yet, it is a real thrill to be able to inspire and be part of the creation of a work of theater that is written specifically for this moment. 

No, we can't gather. The only sound of someone unwrapping a hard candy will be your spouse. The communal experience will be mitigated, although the talk-backs after will help to connect the audience. 

But that frisson as you enter the lobby. That uncertainty. The balancing act. The inexorable drawing into the narrative and lives of the characters. 

All that is ready and waiting for you to experience. And while, yes, it's being recorded, we have no intention of releasing it for a large multinational corporation to profit from. (Unless someone wants to make an exceedingly generous financial offer, in which case, I'll refer you to my agent.) 

I hope you'll join us tonight -- or at any of the other showings of THE RACE (Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 2pm (EST) through January 31.) 
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I truly appreciate the work of the actors: Rodney Eric López, Jim O'Brien and Jennifer Mischley, the director,Brien Lang, music composer Nikita Zabinski and Stage manager Allison Marchetti. 

Thanks to Josh Short and The Wilbury Theatre Group for giving me the chance to play in the sandbox again.