6 Free and Low-Cost Stories for Teaching

Thanksgiving… White Cane Awareness… Identity… and more stories for discussion and pleasure.

A Holiday Present

Even during the best residencies, I only have a few hours with students. These are stories you (and your students) can listen to and read at your own pace. I've linked to Spotify because listening to the stories won't cost you anything more than your free or already paid subscription. (Please do "follow" me there.)

Cinderella Spinderella a new "spin" on a classic story (ebook for grades K-4)
Designed so that any child can see herself or himself in the narrative. It's NOT just about a pretty dress, but about owning your identity. We're GIVING AWAY the ebook edition to teachers to use.If you'd like students to be able to take home copies email beth.

Lo Mein and an Egg Roll What is it like to be blind? (Spotify audio, grades 3-12, 29 minutes.)
In honor of national White Cane Awareness day, I wrote and recorded this story. It's a long and immersive story, and will provoke a lively discussion. 

My Grandfather's Fish: An Explosive Thanksgiving Disaster
(11 min audio on Spotify, grades 3-8) Lots of things NOT to do in this story. A fun story before the holiday.

Winter Blessings - Hanukkah Stories (book and audiobook. All grades.)
Whether you're Jewish or not, these stories are fun and educational. The emphasis in the book is on humor and warm relationships. Possible questions include: What's your favorite holiday food? Are Hanukkah presents a good idea? 

Jody Makes a FriendJody Listens Two gender-neutral short stories
(Spotify audio 2.5 minutes each - simple stories but with discussion for all ages)
Several years ago, all my stories were about boys, girls or animals. These two are deliberately non-gender specific, BUT they're not about that. Suggest that you not tell students in advance and see what their reactions are.

A Kwanzaa Surprise Sometimes presents aren't guaranteed…
(Spotify Audio 6 min. Elementary) Holidays can be challenging. You'll appreciate how this story ends.

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