Dear Awesome Person, 

Welcome to my school order packet! 

I want to take a moment to thank you.  
Book orders are a great way to connect students, parents and staff with personalized copies of books and audio books at a reduced price. 

We’ve gone into waaaay excessive detail in the instructions.  It’s simpler than it looks.

Please invite your teachers to purchase copies too! 

This packet contains: 

  • This letter for you. 
  • The Mark Binder Schoolicious Info form to be copied and distributed to students and staff. 
  • Letter to Parents - to be copied on the front of the Info Form. 
  • The Reconciliation form


Get the PDF here

School Order Docs (2023) Information and order forms to send to parents in advance of a program. 795 KB

You can mail check payments to "Light Publications, PO Box 2462, Providence, RI 02906" 

You can also send payments via

  • paypal to
  • venmo @markbinderbooks.. 

Please call us (401) 272-8707 or email with questions. 


— Mark