Mark Your Ballot for Mark

NO – I am NOT running for state senate District 3
 Fox Point and the East Side….

But I wrote this page as if I was asking for your vote…


Today I am about to start my third run for office, and the first that is not grounded in outrage, but is all about making the changes that we need today. I am not running with a huge political agenda. I’ve seen the level at which government can screw things up. 

But I know that government is – or can be – the tool that people use to work together on projects they can’t manage alone. The pandemic has shown both how quickly and how slowly we can adapt. 

If I’m elected, I won’t hold this office for long. There will be another election in 2022, so my mission is to push for short term results, while learning what long-term changes may best serve the Fox Point East Side community, and the state of Rhode Island as a whole.

I’ve got a list of a few issues that are important to me in the near term. They include:

  • increasing homeowner’s ability to control their solar arrays,
  • legalizing marijuana,
  • closing the Wyatt prison,
  • blocking the proposed bond bailout of the Providence pension system,
  • and increasing funding for the arts.

These small pieces of legislation and regulation will make a positive difference in our community – increasing clean energy, providing new forms of revenue, eliminating our complicity in Federal immigration policy and incarceration for profit, preventing our city from using taxpayer funds to gamble, and brightening our world with creativity.

Oh, and I’d like to see restaurants continue to serve outdoors year round even when the pandemic subsides.

As I knock on doors and hold meetings, I will be asking my constituents “What is important to you?” Do you believe that the Department of Transportation should be responsive to local needs? How can we take the positives and negatives from Covid and apply them to our schools? What can we do to make Rhode Island a better place to work, do business, and live? What laws need updating? What regulations need to be removed?

I don’t believe that government is the solution to every problem. But it is the best we’ve got when it comes to assuring that we can live in peace with our neighbors.

My name is Mark Binder. I’ve run for office as a Democrat. I’ve been accused of being a Republican. Really, I’m just an Independent from Rhode Island, who wants to try and make a difference.

No, I don’t plan to raise tens of thousand of dollars to win a part time job. Any funds you give will be spent spreading the word, and at the end of campaigning donated to charity - just like I did last time. Some may say that this isn’t a way to run a “serious” campaign. I’ve been involved in a serious campaign, and to be honest it made me queasy. 

I love our community. Bordered by Main Street – from India Point to Swan Point – we are people of all ages and backgrounds. Ours is a community of homes, and aside from the Universities, our main businesses are our restaurants, and the work we do with our hands, our minds and our hearts.

My name is Mark Binder and – on November 2 – I ask you to vote for me. Use the power that you have as a citizen to make a difference this year.

Thank you. 

- Mark Binder