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Mark Binder is the Audie Audiobook Award nominated playwright and author of more than two dozen astonishing books and audio books.

As a storyteller and performer, he transmits joy, connecting diverse audiences of all ages. 

Mark is back on tour at schoolscamps, libraries, festivals, community centers and more…  

This year's themes? 
Hope, laughter, joy and adventure!
Revisiting old favorites and always something new.

Armed with a soothing voice and a gift for humor – both broad and subtle –Binder captivates”

— Publishers Weekly

What's On?

Back on tour: live and in person!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to stand in front of a library full of students and share my work in person. And then I got to do it again. And again!

Grades? Sessions for 6-8, 3-5, K-2, and the splendid…

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Spotify and Misinformation

First off, I completely agree with Neal and Joni that Spotify should pull Joe Rogan's misinformed podcasts.

But I'm not going to pull my work from their platform, because I can't afford to. 

Currently, Spotify is one of the only…

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