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Founded as “a lively experiment” by outcasts and rebels, the tiny state of Rhode Island is rich with stories of the odd and improbable.

In this chapbook, award-winning author and storyteller Mark Binder shares tasty tales of insect infestation, a Rhody-style honeymoon, and seabirds gone awry.

“One of Rhode Island’s Leading Storytellers”
– Providence Journal

If you live here, you know that Rhode Island is quirky.  
If you don't, these stories will give you a taste of what it's like.

A beautiful gift for a friend, a few tall tales from The Ocean State. 

These  limited-edition softcover chapbooks are NOT available on Amazon. Why? Because they don't own everything. 


Are these True Stories? 
May I quote myself here? "All of my stories are true, and some of them really happened." 

Who are you?
My name is Mark Binder. I'm a Providence-based author, storyteller and playwright. I make my living as a professional liar, and have twice run for office. (More bio info here)

What do you mean by "Limited Edition"?
The first edition run is 100 copies! These will be signed and numbered, first come first serve. This is an elegant slim volume full of joy (50 pages). There are three stories.  If you've read or have A Dead Politician… this book is the same length and size, but with smaller font because the stories are longer.

How long is the audiobook?
66 minutes, give or take a few seconds. The audiobook includes stories from both "Rogue's Island" collections. It blends traditional studio audiobooks with live performances. One story, "Old Scratch Nickels" appears in both forms.


THE SEAGULL has landed

The chapbook is complete and printing!

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The Seagull has landed (again!)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of Three Legends from Rhode Island.
The corrected first edition of this stellar collection is on its way.
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