Manami Braxton

Manami Braxton is a versatile and exceptionally talented creative force. She embodies the spirit of an artist through her multifaceted roles as a Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, and Photographer. Her artistry transcends boundaries, capturing the essence of life's sunrises and sunsets, making you part of her mental landscape.

Manami's journey is about cultivating her talents under the sun, harnessing her creative energy to share her numerous gifts with the world. She's not just a solo artist; she's an integral part of a thriving artistic community, collaborating with remarkable talents like N.I.N.I.E. 3:30, Kert Da Frog, Muffin, and many others.

With a decade of live performance experience, Manami has honed her skills on the stage, transforming it into her second home. She invites you to step into her world, where you can immerse yourself in the soul-stirring performances and captivating artistry that she consistently delivers. Manami's artistic journey is an invitation to experience life through her unique lens, one that is engaging, inspiring, and bound to leave a lasting impression.

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