Two Guys Project Presents “Breathing Fresh Air” December 6 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Smith Hill Library – Community Room

Please join us for a reading by Christopher Johnson and Mark Binder of their work-in-progress, “Breathing Fresh Air.”

Breathing Fresh Air 

Seeking shelter from a tornado, a Black Man and a white man find themselves in a right-wing MAGA bunker. Trapped until the storm passes, they swap stories, and unpack opinions and ingrained biases about one another based on upbringing, media and economic differences of the world they share.

In “Breathing Fresh Air” wordslingers Christopher Johnson and Mark Binder dance around landmine topics such as the various forms of racism, marginalization and privilege, before confronting issues that are rarely addressed with the “othered” societal counterpart.

Ultimately, they use their art forms as a way to redress, and establish the beginning of a powerful friendship.

This event is funded in part by the Providence Community Libraries, and the City of Providence Department of Art Culture and Tourism


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