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We are nearly finished with the audiobook for "It Ate My Sister".
As a friend/fan/patron, I invite you to listen to the audiobook proof edition. The audiobook is about 3 and a half hours long.

Like traditional books, Audiobooks benefit from many listeners.  

To "Proof" the audiobook, just listen to it. Then, if you find mistakes or other things wrong (see below) please let us know. 

Ideally, let us know which track and at what time code (7 minutes and 10 seconds would be 7:10) the glitch or gap happens. 

    1.    In general, we ask for standard listening -- repeats and gaps: 
    1.    Listen for repeated words or passages that the reader likely intended to edit out. 
    2.    Note any long pauses or bad background noises that disrupt the flow of your listening pleasure. 
    4.    If the recording seems too loud or too quiet, please note that as well. 
    5.    It is NOT necessary for you to follow along with the text; just listen as you would normally. 

Prooflistener Notes 
A good prooflistener note gives the minute and second at which a gap or repeat or whatever other mistake occurred. It's good to give some context if needed to make searching in the text easy: 
12:33 repeat, "She shells sea-- " (it's at 12 minutes, 33 seconds) 
27:54 gap, about 7 seconds 
31:02 "She nodded in commission" should be "She nodded in commiseration", 
35:16 "He fell of the high horse of his" I hear "high course of his" 
In order to see the timecode, you will need to download the file and open it in a media player. When you simply click on a file, it will often open in QuickTime in the browser window (on some computers), but that window will not show time code. If you open the QuickTime application and then open the saved audio file in QuickTime, you will see timecode. 
Folks quickly learn to edit any errors in their file from last to first -- that way the timecode notes stay accurate during correction.