Audiobook Release: The Bed Time Story Book

25 years in the making… 36 of fun, funny and silly bed time stories for families and young children.

Mark Binder's Bed Time Story Book is a best seller, and now you can hear the stories read by the author…

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The Zombie Cat is here!

Spooky Fun Misadventures

Ever been to the beach? Gone trick or treating? Heard ghost stories at summer camp? 

Conducted scientific reanimation experiments in the basement? 

"My friends and I just wanted to relax and have fun. We didn’t mean to…

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Scituate Story Project gets Humanities Grant Funding

In collaboration with the Hope Library Association, the RI Council for the Humanities has awarded a $2,000 mini grant for the Scituate Story Project with Christopher Johnson and Mark Binder.

Beginning July 6, on Thursday evenings in July and August…

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The Shaggy Dog's Tale - a story for Father's Day 

I wrote “The Shaggy Dog's Tale” when I was collecting stories for THE BED TIME STORY BOOK. It didn't take long to write, but it takes a while to tell. It's the sort of story children enjoy, and parents… well…

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Bats Attack… Gulls Defend! 

April 1, Providence, RI

The afternoon skies went dark as an estimated 14,653 bats swarmed above the State Capital building in Providence, RI.

“At first it looked cool,” said Melford Glum, a tourist visiting the Ocean State from Shrieve,…

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April 15 - Two Guys Project at Slater Mill National Park

Two Guys Project:  Breathing Fresh Air

Stories and Poems for National Parks Day 
Starring Christopher Johnson and Mark Binder. 

1pm and 2pm at Slater Mill National Park, 67 Roosevelt Avenue, Pawtucket

Rain or Shine • All Ages • Free Admission

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Two Guys Project - Feb 2 at the Bodega

A truth-telling poet and a storytelling liar walk into a bar… Words will fly. 

Starring Christopher Johnson and Mark Binder 

A chance encounter during dance rehearsals for Bill T Jones' "What Problem" brought two of Rhode Island's best-known wordsmiths together.  

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