Founding StoryNest Storyteller

StoryNest - audio app

I was just selected as a Founding Storyteller for an audio stories app for children aged 3-9, called StoryNest.

It's a curated collection of awesome stories, which means young people can explore and listen, without parents worrying about sudden random weirdness or algorithm picks.

The creators of StoryNest (a husband-and-wife team) saw the need for an ad-free, age-appropriate audio sanctuary that builds the imagination and deeply nourishes children, while giving busy parents a break! They have pre-listened to every one of their 400+ stories, which they have sourced from myself and other acclaimed worldwide storytellers.

Please, give it a listen. Spread the word and tell your friends who have young children. The stories are adjustable by age.

You can check it out here (you'll find free sample stories too):