Audiobook Release: The Bed Time Story Book

25 years in the making… 36 of fun, funny and silly bed time stories for families and young children.

Mark Binder's Bed Time Story Book is a best seller, and now you can hear the stories read by the author – who also happens to be an Audie Award nominated professional storyteller!

“It was a fun challenge,” Binder said. “I wanted to keep the energy of storytelling, while making sure that the young folk will go to sleep, rather than jump around afterwards.”

The collection includes traditional classics like “The Three Pigs” and “Cinderella” and some favorite Mother Goose poems, plus a few revised stories and a few original tales.

“I think the trickiest were the song stories,” Binder said. “I didn't think people really wanted to hear me sing, so I made them dramatic readings! I'm fairly sure that ‘The Ants Go Marching’ will make kids laugh, and drive parents crazy.'"

The Bed Time Story Book Audio Book is available everywhere audiobooks are sold… 

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